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Are you looking for legal advice in Poland? A good lawyer is someone you need. We are a law firm operating on the basis of the cooperation of the best attorneys. Our main goal is customer satisfaction; therefore we work beyond territorial, cultural and technological boundaries.

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    • searching for wills,
    • confirmation of inheritance acquisition,
    • inheritance department,
    • examination of the legal status of real estate,
    • management and sale of real estate,
    • Preparation of pre-trial requests for payment,
      debt recovery,
    • comprehensive handling of cases from writ proceedings through court to enforcement proceedings,
    • obtaining information about the debtor.
    • establishing, transforming, merging, liquidating, dissolving companies (including those with foreign capital);
    • corporate services for the day-to-day operation of companies (including companies with foreign capital), incl. changes of partners (sale of shares, all rights and obligations), personal changes in bodies, changes in the share capital (increase / reduction of share capital, redemption of shares), approval of financial statements, allocation of profit / loss, granting discharge;
    • services for company bodies, meetings, drafting documents (including resolutions and protocols, statutes, company agreements, founding acts and regulations);
    • legal services related to the organization of financing the activities of companies (from own / external funds);
    • registering and introducing changes in the National Court Register;
    • identifying and reporting the real beneficiary to the Central Register of Real Beneficiaries;
    • preparing, reviewing and negotiating economic contracts;
    • legal audit / due diligence;
    • representation in preparatory proceedings, as well as at every stage of court proceedings;
    • crimes against life and health;
    • crimes against public safety;
    • crimes against safety in communication,
    • crimes against freedom,
    • crimes against sexual freedom and decency;
    • crimes against the family and care;
    • crimes against honor and bodily inviolability;
    • crimes against public order;
    • offenses against the credibility of documents;
    • crimes against property;
    • crimes against economic turnover;
    • crimes against trading in money and securities;
    • international criminal cases (European Arrest Warrant).
    • Consumer bankruptcy in Poland and Great Britain;
    • analysis of the debtor’s financial situation;
    • assistance in obtaining documents required for the application;
    • analysis of documentation and selection of the appropriate procedure;
    • preparation of an application for a declaration of consumer bankruptcy;
    • representation at the hearing;
    • preparation of all letters in the course of the proceedings.
    • Obtaining orders for payment and enforcement clauses, including the European Order for Payment and the European Enforcement Order.
    • Debt instruments (bills, bonds) – preparing documentation.
      assistance in obtaining security for receivables – bills of exchange, bank guarantees;
      vindication of receivables from bills of exchange.

A law firm in Poland

The Association of Polish Lawyers is a global law firm that provides legal assistance to citizens of EU countries, Great Britain and the USA throughout Poland. Our team consists of experienced experts (lawyers, legal advisers, mediators and lawyers) with comprehensive knowledge in the field of inheritance, civil, economic and criminal law, as well as international law. We also help in regaining lost Polish citizenship, as well as in official activities (obtaining copies of civil status records, exchange of driving licenses, establishing land and mortgage registers, obtaining certificates from the National Criminal Register, registering foreign records and others).

We provide services to enterprises from the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises sector, as well as to natural persons.
We represent our clients at every stage of court proceedings, we also take part in negotiations and mediation proceedings